About Dr. Mays & Yapha MD

What is Yapha MD and Direct Primary Care? from Dana Mays

Dr. Mays’ Education/Credentials

  • Family Physician Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine
  • Louisiana Licensed Physician
  • Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center–Family Medicine Residency in Alexandria
  • Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans–Doctor of Medicine
  • Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Shreveport–Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant
  • Louisiana Tech University–Master of Science in Biological Sciences
  • Rapides Regional Medical Center School of Medical Technology
  • Northeast Louisiana University –Bachelor of Science in Pre-Med with minors in Biology, Chemistry and Zoology (uh um…Go Indians! What in the world is a Warhawk?)
  • Block High School in Jonesville

Yapha? What is that?

When I started my business LLC, I intended to simply name it Dana Mays, MD, LLC, Mays Medical Services, LLC , or something along those lines. However, Jody (my husband) suggested I name it something other than “Mays” in case something ever happened to him. I really didn’t care for his suggestion but as I thought about it, I realized he had a very valid point. No one knows what tomorrow holds.

I wanted the business to symbolize something greater than myself and my name. At the same time, I wanted something unique. I began to ponder and pray over the decision with the words light, shine, and sunshine playing through my head.

My simple yet lofty overriding goal in life is to shine the love of God into all that I do. I know I often fall short, yet this is my desire. As I began to study scripture about light more in depth, I discovered the Hebrew verb yapha (יָפַע).

Yapha (pronounced yaw-fah’) is a Hebrew word that means to shine out or forth, to send out beams, cause to shine, to be light. (For Bible scholars it is Strong’s Hebrew word # 3313.)

May I shine forth the love of Christ into this dark world encouraging others to be light.